Why travel soccer (and other kids’ sports) are worth it

One of the research studies I was reviewing this week while prepping for my Exercise seminar is worth sharing. Keep this study in mind when you’re schlepping your little athlete(s) around town (or the state if she’s on a travel team!), and when you’re writing the big check for the travel soccer fees and sport equipment. And maybe especially keep it in mind when you’re getting up at 5 a.m. on a Saturday to travel several hours for the big game.

In a Harvard study in 1985 and then subsequent 2000 study of women who were athletes in college (as defined by participation on a varsity team), the incidence of breast cancer and cancer of the reproductive tract is significantly lower. In the follow-up study in 2000, the incidence of breast cancer was 50% less than that of non-athletes. WOW.

I think these results are profound. So, as I sit in my car in a thunderstorm, waiting to walk in the pouring rain to pick up my daughter, I am happy for all the benefits she and her dancing friends are receiving from class and from all of the other sports in which they participate!

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